The Moderator of Ireland's Presbyterian Church, Dr Trevor Morrow, has welcomed last week's Dominus Iesus declaration of the primacy of the Catholic Church, describing it as a mirror-image of the Presbyterian Church's view of the Catholic Church, which it sees as "defective" and "in error".
    He said the document was also "a positive reiteration" of what the Catholic Church believed to be true "in a post-modern world where truth is perceived as unimportant".
    Dr Morrow expressed sympathy with Cardinal Ratzinger's anxiety over the use of the phrase "sister churches" to describe other Christian denominations. He said it was a concern shared within Presbyterianism.
    It was asking too much of the Catholic Church at this time to say that all churches were equal. It had been struggling since Vatican II with according the honour, status and regard due to other Christian communities while not affecting its own self-understanding.
    Ecumenism was "very hard work", he said. It was not just a case of "hold hands, hum, and expect warm fuzzy feelings". He was "quite happy" with the document and was indeed "extremely supportive of much of it".
    Meanwhile the Church of Ireland Primate, Dr Robin Eames, has regretted publication of the declaration, which he said could be interpreted as "a throwback to pre-Vatican II".
Irish Times
12 Sep 00

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