Adelaide Archdiocese has launched a new initiation policy that will see children confirmed before celebrating their first Holy Communion.
    Archdiocesan Liturgy Coordinator Jenny O'Brien explained in The Southern Cross that the new policy represents an attempt to restore the traditional order of the sacraments of initiation - baptism, confirmation, Eucharist - in accord with the directives of the Second Vatican Council.
    She said: "Confirmation needs to be seen as exactly what its name suggests - a confirming of the baptism that has taken place, and a recognition of the action of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives."
    The new policy will also give parents more say in when their children celebrate these sacraments. For several decades it was the custom for all the children in a particular class at school to celebrate reconciliation, first communion and confirmation at the same time.
    Ms O'Brien said: "While this is a way of keeping "ecclesiastical administration" neat and tidy, it is not always to the greatest benefit of the children, since children's readiness can vary greatly from child to child. Also, it may be appropriate for two or more children from the same family to celebrate these sacraments together."
Southern Cross
8 Sep 00

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