Marking the third anniversary of Mother Teresa's death, Pope John Paul II on Tuesday praised the nun's generosity and took to task couples who decide to remain childless.
    In his meeting with adoptive families and nuns from her congregation the Missionaries of Charity, John Paul was lavish in praise for her.
    He regretted that, in the face of many children who don't have parents, "there are so many couples who decide to remain without children for reasons not rarely selfish".
    At the same time, the Holy Father took to task those who "desiring to have their `own' child at all costs, go beyond the legitimate help that medical science can assure procreation, pushing themselves toward morally reprehensible practices".
    The pope has repeatedly condemned such techniques as in vitro fertilization, insisting that the only way approved by the Catholic church to have children is sex between husband and wife.
7 Sep 00

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