A Christian Brother who has extensively studied the history of child migration says he is baffled at plans for a Senate Inquiry into British child migration in Australia.
    Br Barry Coldrey has researched child migration in Australia and the UK and has written a number of books on the issue.
    He believes that following a UK Government inquiry, a partial inquiry in Western Australia and the extensive research and writing done by many people on the issue over 14 years there is nothing new to be uncovered.
    "It's all there on the record now," Br Coldrey said from his Melbourne office this week. "I'm mystified as to what this new inquiry can find."
    Some 3500 children were brought into Australia under the scheme from 1938. The Christian Brothers took many of these children, some of whom have since complained of physical and sexual abuse while in the brothers' care.
    The new inquiry follows a notice of motion by Senator Andrew Murray (Democrat WA), which was supported by Labor, giving it passage through the Senate even though it was opposed by the Government.
Catholic Leader
7 Sep 00

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