Nigeria's Archbishop Anthony Olubunmi Okogie has condemned a trend in Catholic liturgies towards "noisy" Protestant excesses.
    Speaking last month during a visit to the US, he criticised applause after a priest delivers a homily. He said that anyone who claps for a priest after a good homily makes a fool of that priest because the words issuing from the priest's mouth are the Word of God, not the priest's.
    Dr Okogie also urged the faithful to desist from dancing and chanting of vulgar choruses borrowed from some Protestant styles of worship, as well as repeated use of phrases including "Praise the Lord", "Alleluia" and "In Jesus Name...". He asked priests not to pace up and down the altar while preaching, and not to leave the altar during the kiss of peace. The faithful, for their part, should only exchange peace greetings with those next to them.
    It's thought that the offending elements are being introduced by Nigerian priests returning after travel to the USA.
Guardian (Lagos)
6 Sep 00

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