Assistance to rural Tasmanians, particularly youth, is part of a revitalisation program announced by Hobart's Archbishop Adrian Doyle.
    Last week's announcement by the new Archbishop took place at three meetings, in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. It follows 16 months of statewide consultation by the new Archbishop through a grassroots process named 'Call to Change'.
    The new-look Archdiocese of Hobart will be underpinned by evangelisation (reaching out) and collaboration (within).
    In addition to the rural initiatives, special attention will be given to liturgy, social justice, adult faith education and the celebration of funerals. Some parishes will be amalgamated while all will form new collaborative pastoral units while maintaining their status as parish.
    Among the initiatives are the establishment of a Diocesan Pastoral Council, a Diocesan Sacramental Council, a State-wide youth ministry team, a mobile diocesan rural ministry team and a central office for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.
    Each parish will be linked to at least one other parish in new pastoral units which will encourage the parishes to work collaboratively as often as possible. This is designed to create a more integrated approach to ministry and outreach and provide greater financial flexibility.
    Implementation will begin in January 2001.
Cath Media (Tas)
23 Aug 00

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