The family of Fr Brendan Forde, the Irish priest under death threat from paramilitaries in Colombia, have taken their fight to the United States, hoping to bring his case to the attention of President Clinton.
    Fr Forde ministers to villagers in the Apartada region in the north west of the country. He and locals were ordered by paramilitaries, backed by government troops, to flee the area within 20 days or face death.
    The deadline has passed but Fr Forde expects them to return: "They usually do what they say they will do."
    There have already been two massacres in his immediate area. The latest killings were on Tuesday when government troops opened fire on 100 schoolchildren, killing six. The army claims they were caught in the crossfire, a fact denied by witnesses.
    Speaking from Connecticut, Kieran said: "The US are due to give the Colombians $A2 billion in aid, ostensibly to crack down on the drugs trade. There is a human rights provision attached but some politicians in the US want this waived."
Ireland on Sunday
21 Aug 00

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