After nearly a full year of preparation, the vast outdoor site for the climactic ceremonies of World Youth Day is ready for the anticipated flood of pilgrims.
    Catholic World News reports that Tor Vergata, the site on the southeastern edge of Rome where World Youth Day will climax this weekend, is a scenic venue, with over 320 hectares of land where pilgrims can camp as well as the actual sites for the ceremonies themselves.
    Already the site has been occupied by 3000 volunteers, who are living in tents there as they greet pilgrims for World Youth Day.
    During the weekend when World Youth Day reaches its peak, the population of Tor Vergata is expected to be equal to that of the city of Turin. Roads have been constructed through the site, as well as public toilets, medical facilities, telephones, information centres.
    With warm summer weather expected, organisers have made plans to distribute four million bottles of water to the pilgrims. Upon arrival at Tor Vergata, the groups of pilgrims will be directed toward six different camps, each located within walking distance of the main venue.
16 Aug 00

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