Pope John Paul II on Wednesday deplored the continuing sectarian violence on Indonesia's Maluku islands.
    Speaking during his Wednesday general audience in St Peter's square, he also strongly condemned the bombing in downtown Moscow and violence perpetrated by Basque separatists in Spain.
    The Pope said he was "spiritually close to those who suffer because of the death of their loved ones, the loss of vital goods and the destruction of houses of worship."
    "Many have been forced to leave the land where they were living and where they have a right to live, in dignity and security.
    "We are praying to the Lord so that order will be restored and harmony again reign rapidly, as in the days when Christians and Muslims were living together peacefully," the Holy Father said.
    The appeal for an end to anti-Christian violence in the archipelago was the pope's third in recent months. Sectarian unrest on the islands has left some 4000 people dead and created more than half a million refugees.
11 Aug 00

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