Brisbane Archdiocese could be set for a new vocations boom after receiving enquiries from 34 married men interested in undertaking the archdiocese's first training course for permanent deacons.
    The Catholic Leader reports hopes are high that the permanent diaconate will attract similar high interest elsewhere in Australia.
    Fr Frank O'Dea, who chaired a meeting of the Archdiocese's Diaconate Directorate last month, said he was impressed by the numbers who had enquired about studying for the permanent diaconate since the directorate was set up in February.
    The directorate will guide selection and training for permanent deacons for the archdiocese.
    Fr O'Dea said the number of applicants showed how many people were available for this sort of work in the Church.
    Deacon John Carroll, who is directing the new work, said the 28 applicants were from across the range of ages and occupations and included some men from ethnic groups.
    Selection criteria are still being finalised and it is anticipated the first successful applicants will be known by the end of the year.
Catholic Leader
11 Aug 00

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