Philippine Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin has lashed out at those who use religion to divide society.
    "At the root of so much suffering there lies a logic of supremacy fueled by the desire to dominate and exploit others, by a misguided notion that uses religion as an issue, and by ideologies that betray nationalism and civility," Sin said as he prayed for peace, especially in Mindanao, where a decades-old Muslim insurgency is driving a wedge between the Muslims and Christians in the region.
    In his homily in a Mass at the Manila Cathedral attended by former President Corazon Aquino and several other prominent figures, the Cardinal urged the reconciliation of Filipinos of different creeds. He said that the pursuit of peace "necessarily leads us to the pursuit for solidarity."
    He also stressed that the dignity and rights of individuals "whatever their status, race or religion" are superior to any kind of differences they might have. "At a time when countless conflicts and violence wound our society, I firmly believe that peace is still possible," he added.
Philippine Star
7 Aug 00

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