Reports of documents found near the body of an American Roman Catholic priest found murdered in Kenya have added to speculation that he was the victim of a political assassination.
    Fr John Kaiser, 67, had accused two cabinet ministers of paying tribal warriors to carry out ethnic cleansing in the Rift Valley province in the early 1990s. He told a government commission investigating the violence, in which more than ,000 people were killed and tens of thousands displaced, that Nicholas Biwott and William ole Ntimama had stolen refugees' land.
    Independent newspapers said yesterday he had been carrying documents linking two unidentified ministers to the clashes and that he had intended to pass the papers to the commission. Letters to the World Bank, government officials and a notice of intention to sue the attorney-general were also said to be among the documents. A post-mortem examination found that Fr Kaiser had been shot with a high-velocity rifle, of the type normally used by police and game wardens, it was reported.
    Earlier, President Daniel arap Moi called for an end to speculation about the killing. Speaking at a rally in Mombasa, he said: "My government will ensure that the perpetrators of the heinous action are brought to face the law."
29 Aug 00

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