Members are sought for the new Commission for Australian Catholic Women, which is being set up in the wake of the Bishops' Report Woman and Man: One in Jesus Christ on the role of women in the Church.
    The Catholic Weekly reports that the commission is expected to be set up after December's plenary meeting of the Bishop's Conference.
    It says individual bishops have been asked to nominate possible commissioners. The new commission will have eight members and a chair, and the aim is for commissioners to have as wide a range of backgrounds, skills and characteristics as possible. It will be an expert rather than a representative body.
    "We are attempting to make the membership as inclusive as possible," said Bishop Michael Putney, who is helping set up the committee. "We hope the commission will be an effective focal point for on-going dialogue with women. It will assist in the implementation of the decisions and recommendations adopted by the Bishop's Conference in the wake of the research project on women's participation in the Church in Australia."
Cath Weekly
25 Aug 00

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