A voluntary association of women is being formed in Brisbane with the aim of becoming a new Australian religious congregation, The Catholic Leader reports.
    The initiative is being steered by a Sister of Perpetual Adoration, St carmel Doherty, who has been carrying out the group's special apostolate of helpfulness at Nundah in Brisbane, guided and encouraged by parish priest Fr John Sullivan.
    Sr Carmel said she and like-minded women envisaged their life as a community who pray, study and excercise "the charity of helpfulness".
    "We would work alongside the many willing helpers in the vineyards of the parishes," Sr Carmel said. "Our goal would be loving cooperation with the priest and his people."
    If a new confregation is formed, members would take a fourth vow of "charity and helpfulneee", in addition to the usual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
    Sr Carmel said this fourth vow would be lived out in "prayer and helpfulness with and for parishes, with the parish priest's approval and blessing."
    Brisbane Archdiocesan Vicar for Religious, Sr Patricia Scully RSC said formation of a voluntary association could be the first step in a long process of setting up a new religious congregation. Sr Patricia has been meeting with Sr Carmel aboiut her proposal.
    Cath Leader

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