The new male contraceptive pill will lead to more unplanned pregnancies and abortions, Catholic Church critics in Scotland said on Sunday.
    The comments came after trials on 60 people in Scotland and China showed a 100% success rate in making men temporarily infertile. And scientists at Edinburgh University last week predicted that the male pill could become available within the next five years.
    But a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland has said the new development promises consequences for society, in the same way the female pill did. "As far was we're concerned any form of artificial contraception is wrong--a male pill would be as wrong as a female pill," the spokesman said.
    He continued: "In 1968 when Pope Paul VI issued his decision on the morality of contraception he condemned the advent of the female pill. Over 32 years have passed since that and he predicted if this, what he called contraceptive morality, took hold there will be a whole number of unfortunate consequences--like people having a more relaxed attitude to abortion and marriage, increased divorce, and a larger number of unplanned pregnancies."
19 July 00

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