Northern Ireland    BISHOP FEARS ANARCHY
Northern Ireland is in danger of sliding into anarchy, a Belfast bishop warned as protests about the banned Protestant march in Drumcree continued.
    In a comment directed at Portadown district Orangemen who called for loyalist protests against the banned march, Bishop Patrick Walsh - whose Down and Connor Diocese includes Belfast - said: ``Those who are orchestrating violence and fomenting passions and hatred by bitter speeches bear an awesome responsibility. What they are doing cannot be justified. What they are doing is morally wrong."
    For the third year in a row, the Orange Order, a Protestant fraternity, was banned from staging a parade from Drumcree's Church of Ireland church to Portadown town center along Garvaghy Road. Most residents of Garvaghy Road are Catholic and view the parade as a display of sectarian triumphalism. In the Down and Connor Diocese alone, five different church properties were attacked by arsonists. The most serious attack was in Ballyclare, where a hijacked car was rammed into the front door of the parish church, then set alight.
    One hijack victim was Fr Brendan McMullan, 70, of St. Colman's Church, Belfast, who was forced from his car by hooded youths. Fr John McManus, spokesman for the Down and Connor Diocese, said, ``Fr McMullan was and still is badly shaken by the incident and is resting.''
14 July 00

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