Police will investigate the beheading of a bronze statue at the Catholic Agricultural College at Bindoon about 80 kilometres north of Perth.
    The Province leader of the Christian Brothers in WA, Br Tony Shanahan, says the head of a statue of Brother Francis Paul Keaney was sawn off and removed over the weekend.
    B Shanahan says it was most likely done by people who have a grudge against Brother Keaney, who worked at the former Bindoon Orphanage in the 1940s and 1950s.
    "Br Keaney is a figure to whom people have strong reaction," he said.
    "Obviously the people who collected money and put up a statue to him held him in very high regard for the work he had done for underprivileged children in Western Australia.
    "But there are also some former students of Bindoon who are very hostile towards him and who make allegations about brutal things they say he did," Br Shanahan said.
12 July 00

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