Refugees &
Catholic bodies in Brisbane and Melbourne are providing services to refugees which the Federal Government has 'dumped in the middle of a big city with minimal English, few supports and uncertain as to their entitlements'.
    The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care in Brisbane Archdiocese has sponsored a new group of 35 Muslim refugees as more of the detainees are releasd into the Australian community. The group, which comprises mainly Afghans, arrived in Brisbane last Friday.
    In Melbourne, Fr Joe Caddy from Catholic Social Services criticised the backpacker-style accommodation provided by the Governmment to recent arrivals from Woomera.
    "This is inappropriate housing for these men trying to make a new start in life," he said.
    Ms Liz Curran of Melbourne Archdiocese's Commission for Justice, Development and Peace said: "I'm appalled that these men were not even provided with a directory of services. Thank goodness for the St Vincent de Paul Society, which has provided clothing, sandwiches and means - that's all I can say."
    Catholic Leader
28 July 00

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