Police in India's north-eastern state of Tripura say that a Catholic priest was killed and two others were seriously injured when unidentified gunmen opened fire on their vehicle on Tuesday.
    The Inspector-General of Tripura police, K Salim Ali, told the BBC that a jeep carrying the priests was heading for the remote village of Kanhmun, on Tripura's border with the Mizoram state, when it came under heavy fire on Tuesday.
    Mr Ali said that some tribal guerrillas in olive-green uniform were trying to kidnap two Bengalis travelling in another vehicle on the same road when the jeep carrying the Catholic priests appeared.
    He said that the driver panicked and tried to speed away, leading the rebels to open fire.
    Mr Ali said that one Catholic priest, Victor Crasto, was killed on the spot, while two other priests, Paul Leo and Alfred Fernandes, were seriously injured.
    The driver of the vehicle, a local tribal, was also said to be in a critical condition.
27 July 00

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