Following the narrow victory of President Robert Mugabe's ZANUPF Party, the Bishops of Zimbabwe have told their people: "Elections come and go, but we always have to live as neighbours and work together for peace."
    The bishops' message also addresses members of parliament, reminding them that "differences of opinion should not be a cause of division and discrimination, but a source of enrichment and a positive and constructive contribution for the progress and development of our nation."
    ZANUPF won the elections following a bloody election campaign that left at least 30 dead, including white farmers and farm workers.
    The bishops reaffirmed the importance of "working for unity, eradicating corruption and governing transparently,' seeking to build "houses to create work and improve health and educational programs for the people."
    Among the signatories of the episcopal document was Archbishop Pius Alick Ncube of Bulawayo, whose life was threatened when Mugabe accused him of causing the government's worst ever performance in Matabeleland because of his statements.
    Zenit (available soon)
26 July 00

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