The bishops of the Italian Emilia-Romagna region have hit out against practice of the occult in a pastoral message entitled 'The Church and the Beyond'.
   One of their expert consultants, Armando Pavesi, told the Zenit news agency: "This is the first time that a Church document has defined the forms of evoking the dead as phenomena related to the subconscious."
   He attributed the increase in practice of the occult to a feeling among parents who've lost a child in dramatic circumstances, and others, that communication with the beyond is the 'easiest way to find a response to their pain'.
   Pavesi claims there are psychological explanations for even the most baffling occult phenomena, and that those who hear the voices of the dead, are really only hearing themselves.
   He said: "A parent who participates in spiritualist sessions or hears registered voices is psychologically charged. He even obtains a physical benefit. But then some time goes by and everything vanishes. He has to go back to the medium continuously. It becomes a psycho-dependence, a kind of drug that must be constantly fed."


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