Holy Spirit Primary School Year 7 student Dominique Baxendell died, two people were critically injured and seven others suffered shrapnel wounds in the explosion that rocked the north Brisbane suburb of Bray Park about 7.30 pm on Saturday evening.
   The fireworks sponsor, a man in his 30s with children at the school, had part of his right leg blown off when the display toppled over and sprayed shrapnel over a crowd of 2000 people gathered for the school's Millennium Fete.
   Hundreds of parishioners poured into Holy Spirit Catholic Church in the schoolground for a memorial service yesterday as distraught school children returned to the site to place hand-picked flowers along the fenceline.
   Fr Paul Walsh, a friend of Dominique's family, told the congregation that churches throughout the area were praying for the youngster and her family.
   Brisbane Catholic Education deputy director Terry Creagh said Dominique was a very popular girl at the school of 465 students.
   "From the children gathered here, you would know that she was not only a well-loved girl, but she was a model of a girl and had great friends," she said.
   Ms Creagh said the school was expected to resume today, but may be relocated while police investigations continued.
   A police chaplain and education and health counsellors who arrived on the scene on Saturday night are planning to continue sessions with the students when they return to class.
22 May 00


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