A new national Catholic lobby network has been established to press for changes in government social policies.
   The network, PolMin, will lobby politicians on specific issues affecting the common good of people of Australia. It will also organise people at the local level who want to become more active in working for change.
   President of PolMin, Sr Marlette Black PBVM, told the Catholic Weekly that the organisation wants to "influence public policy for the common good".
   But Sr Marlette says PolMin is not just another peak lobby group.
   "We are different because we want to identify and organise people at the grassroots level who are prepared to take some sort of political action such as visiting their local member of parliament; writing letters and speaking to the media."
   Sr Marlette says members of PolMin would lobby on a range of moral, humanitarian and justice issues such as policies affecting migrants and refugees and the production, treatment and disposal of nuclear waste. The network would not be speaking on behalf of its particular members "but for those people who are disadvantaged or who are trapped in systemic poverty and oppression".
   Sr Marlette says nationwide more than 40 organisations, as well as many individuals, had already joined PolMin and had made a commitment to support the work of the lobby network.
Cath Weekly


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