The Church has defended one claim of misuse of funds given to help the needy and undertaken to check another, following criticism in a new book by Sydney parish priest Fr Ted Kennedy.
   The Sunday Age reports that the Church will investigate an allegation that money donated by churchgoers for the poor was used to pay for a holiday home for a bishop at an 'exclusive' Victorian beach resort.
   The other claim relates to expenditure of funds donated to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith in the 1970s to build a conference centre for the bishops at Kensington in Sydney.
   Catholic Mission's national director, Fr Brian Brock, confirmed the Kensington expenditure from one of the church's funds, but said it was an 'extraordinary' event, justified and relevant to the needs of the time.
   The Bishops' Conference was given permission by the Vatican to retain one-third of donations to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith for the home missions.
   Fr Kennedy, whose book 'Who is Worthy?' was launched yesterday, claims that while this proportion of the fund was held back in Australia for the home missions, Aboriginal missions missed out.
Sunday Age


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