A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland has accused a leading chocolate maker of belittling Christianity's most sacred event by marketing a square chocolate Easter egg.
   Msgr. Tom Connelly, spokesman for the Bishops' Conference of Scotland, said Cadbury's square shaped egg, Squegg, detracts from the religious significance of the tradition of rolling eggs on Easter Sunday.
   ``This is just another example of how secular and commercial interests are moving away from the real meaning of Christian feasts. Cadbury's can't have much faith in their products if they need a gimmick like this,'' he said in a telephone interview with the national British Catholic weekly, Catholic Times, based in Manchester.
   ``Secularists would say that the tradition of rolling eggs is about the birth of chickens in spring. But every Christian knows it is about rolling away the stone from Christ's tomb.
   ``I don't know what kind of animal would lay a square egg -- but you can bet no one will be rolling these on Easter Sunday.''
   Tony Bilsborough, a spokesman for Cadbury who pointed out that he is a Catholic, said he could understand Msgr. Connelly's objections but explained that the Squegg is ``just a piece of harmless fun.''
   ``You get more chocolate in a square egg,'' Bilsborough said. ``The corners are the best tasting bits. It's hip to be square.''


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