The Catholic Church in Mexico has attacked last week's Academy Award ceremony in Hollywood for promoting homosexuality, promiscuity and abortion.
   In an article in its weekly magazine, From the Faith, published by the Archbishop's office, it accused the ceremony organisers of being a 'propaganda window' for such behaviour.
   The Church also charged Hollywood with encouraging what it called the 'culture of death', in direct contrast with Pope John Paul's message supporting the 'culture of life' on his recent tour of the Holy Land.
   The film American Beauty dominated the Academy Awards, winning five Oscars for its story of a collapsing, dysfunctional family in which the ageing father fantasises about sex with his daughter's friend. It also touches on repressed homosexuality.
   The article, titled The Incongruity of Hollywood, complained that promiscuity and adultery were not condemned and homosexuality was shown in a positive light.
   It also attacked Oscar winner The Cider House Rules for allegedly promoting abortion and Boys Don't Cry for its 'morally gruesome' portrayal of a woman who acts and dresses as a man.


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