The Vatican official overseeing the canonisation of Pope Pius XII has reopened old wounds by saying to a Canadian TV interviewer: "It is a fact that the Jews have killed Christ. This is an undeniable historical fact."
   German Jesuit Peter Gumpel gave the interview in Rome, and it aired on Thursday.
   Last Sunday, Pope John Paul asked God's forgiveness for anti-Semitism and other sins of the church in its history, as he prepared for this week's historic visit to Israel. But the Pope has stopped short of an apology sought by many Jews for the behaviour of Pope Pius during the Second World War.
   Gumpel, who has a key role in the canonisation process of the allegedly anti-Jewish Pope Pius XII, also told the CBC: 'I have discussed this with a Jewish colleague, university professor, and he said, well, father..."What do you want? Our forefathers found out that Christ was a false prophet, so we killed him. And then, of course, why should we have changed our attitude with regard to those who followed this false prophet?"'
   The remarks drew an outraged response from Canadian and international Jewish spokesmen.
Toronto Star


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