The head of Adelaide's Centacare Catholic family services has warned that the TAB is sending a wrong and socially irresponsible message with its latest advertising blitz portraying gambling as a "stable income",
   Centacare director, Dale West, said gambling businesses like the TAB and the Lotteries Commission needed to exercise greater care in the messages they sent the public.
   This was even more so because of the TAB's heavy reliance on prominent bus shelter advertising, which exposed school children to the wrong gambling messages.
   "For some time now the SA Lotteries has been emphasising winning as their advertising focus, which is socially irresponsible," Mr West said.
   "This move by the TAB, another Government-owned gambling service, is a backward step in our attempts to be responsible in creating the right context for safe gambling.
   "The TAB and SA Lotteries will not be part of the necessary system which tries to help problem gamblers, nor will they allow preventative material to be displayed.
   "Now they are promoting winning as the main focus. They know, and we know, that there are many losers in gambling, some in major life-altering ways."
   - Cath Comm (Adelaide)


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