The Chinese government has criticised the late Cardinal Ignatius Kung (Gong) Pinmei of Shanghai of 'doing many things outside China that were harmful to the Chinese people'.
   Cardinal Kung died at the weekend in the US. He spent 30 years in solitary confinement before being paroled in 1985. He left for the United States in 1988 for medical treatment.
   A spokesperson from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told UCA News: "In 1991, the Chinese government and the Chinese Church already objected to the Vatican's move of installing Kung as cardinal.
   "It was an interference in China's internal affairs," said the written reply, "and we object to anyone using Kung's death to make an issue of it."
   The statement said that "in 1955 Kung committed counter-revolutionary crimes and treason and was sentenced to life imprisonment," and that after long-term re-education and reform, "he admitted the crimes and showed remorse."
   "As he was old and sick, the government paroled him in 1985 on humanitarian grounds and approved his going abroad for medical treatment in 1988," it added. "However, after he went abroad, he was manipulated and controlled by outside opponent forces" and did many things harmful to China."


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