Brisbane's Catholic Justice and Peace Commission and Catholic Prison Ministry have called on the State Government to consider an alternative justice system that moves away from reliance on prisons.
   In 'Broken Laws or Broken People', a joint statement being released today, they call for the Government to consider alternatives forms of justice for dealing with minor crimes.
   Maree Rose of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council told The Catholic Leader that the statement is included in a kit that will be disseminated for discussion by social justice groups in parishes, and that the Brisbane Catholic Educaiton Office was considering distributing it to schools.
   "The study is being released at a significant time when many in our country are seriously questioning issues to do with crime and punishment," she said.
   It calls for community service sentences tailored to the offender and the crime.
   "Crime happens between people and it should be dealt with between people," the study says. "The state should be there to facilitate the process and protect the rights of everybody involved."
   - Cath Leader


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