On International Women's Day last week, a group of feminist activists vandalised the Cathedral in Montreal.
   The group, part of a crowd of activists demonstrating in the city, rushed into the church shouting anti-Catholic and anti-religious slogans, according to eyewitnesses.
   They spray-painted slogans on the altar, overturned flower pots, attached soiled sanitary napkins to paintings and walls, and threw condoms around the sanctuary. They also threw women's underwear around the church, ripped hymnals, and stole two altar cloths. When the group tried to overturn the tabernacle, two American tourists who were praying in the cathedral intervened to stop them.
   Seven were arrested for the acts and were charged with unlawful assembly. The police did not apply Montreal's hate crimes law because "the elements were not there for charges of that kind." The explanation was that hate crime charges apply only to spreading hatred against specific groups, not for raising issues of public interest or expressing opinions in good faith.
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