Queensland's Catholic bishops have issued a joint statement urging Catholics to break all ties with the controversial Magnificat Meal Movement based at Helidon in the Toowoomba diocese.
   The Catholic Leader reports they have also extended a welcome to members of the cult to return to the Catholic Church.
   The bishops' statement comes following comments by the movement's founer, Debra Geilesky, which are increasingly at variance with Catholic faith, practice and spiritualitiy.
   One of her latest allegations is that the Mass celebrated in Catholic parishes is invalid and the Catholics risk their eternal salvation by participation.
   "Because the Eucharist is at the centre of the Church, such false teaching is certainly in opposition to the very life of the Church," the bishops' statement says.
   Ms Gailesky claims to receive messages from OUr Lady and has built up a following around Queensland, as well as nationally and internationally.
   - Cath Leader

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