Political leader Xanana Gusmao and Bishop Carlos Belo have made a joint plea for peaceful dialogue following a serious security incident that took place on Friday night at the Dili studios of Radio Timor Kmanek.
   Four men on motorcycles threw large rocks through the front doors, smashing them. A note was left threatening to destroy the station and kill staff if the Church continued to promote so-called pro-independence and pro-Portuguese attitudes. The CIVPOL international police force is investigating the incident.
   Gusmao visited the station with Bishop Belo over the weekend. They recorded a plea for unity and reconciliation based on dialogue, rather than violence. They also expressed support for Radio Kmanek's neutral stance on issues and representation of all sides of current debates.
   The group threatened each of the three radio stations in the city with violence unless they read an inflammatory message on air. None has complied. At this stage, they have carried out their threat at the Church station only. The obscure political group were particularly incensed that they were not represented in a live on air political debate on the station earlier on Friday evening.
   - Caritas

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