L'Arche UK has challenged the bishops of England & Wales to give Holy Communion to non-Catholic Christians with learning difficulties, an act which is specifically banned by the bishops' own document, 'One Bread, One Body'.
   The L'Arche communities are made up of people with and without learning disabilities, and from most of the major denominations, who choose to live together. They say the current rules make it confusing for people with handicaps to understand why they can receive communion within their own communities but not elsewhere.
   A spokesman told the latest issue of The Universe newspaper: "We remain clear that there is no easy answer. Even if there was a change in the rules for Eucharistic hospitality, the difficulties would remain. It would be confusing for Community members, particularly those with learning disabilities to share the Eucharist within the community, but to be excluded elsewhere."
   He added: "We must also remain aware that we cannot seek a melting pot of traditions where our real theological differences are subsumed under a false desire for unity. We in L'Arche must continue to work at understanding our differing traditions and accept the areas in which there are fundamental differences of belief and doctrine."

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