Britain's worst serial killer this week launched an appeal against his conviction for murder, court officials confirmed, but the Catholic priest who counselled many of the victims' families described the move as audacious and arrogant.
   Dr. Harold Shipman, 54, was found guilty of murdering 15 of his patients by Preston Crown Court in January following a four month trial. Police are investigating a further 175 cases, at least 23 of which have provided enough evidence for a further trial.
   Court officials have now confirmed that Shipman is planning to take his case to the Court of Appeal in London and that papers are in preparation.
   Fr Denis Maher, of St. Paul's Catholic Church in Hyde, told the Press Association: "At first I didn't think he would have the audacity or the arrogance to appeal. On the other hand it is consistent with his behavior. He has never shown any remorse. The man doesn't have any concept of the hurt and pain he has caused here."
    He added: "There are an awful lot of loose ends hanging and for him to lodge an appeal defies the imagination. I feel very angry and my own reaction will be that of a lot of people. Will he ever let us rest? The families are not even beginning to get over the whole thing and this will dig it up all over again."
CWN 2/3/00

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