Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane has appproved an archdiocesan program to train permanent deacons.
   He said the archdiocese had been exporing the possibility of a permanent diaconate for about 20 years.
   He said the Church's restoration of the permanent diaconate, which had been diocontinued in the 12th century, had been an inportant outcome of the Second Vatican Council.
   "Recently the Council of Priests, after extensive consultation with the archdiocese, recommended to me that a dioconate program, with a particular focus on appointments to parish ministry, be formally established in the archdiocese," Archbishop Bathersby said.
   "Knowing that the mission of the Church in our parishes is enormous and that the demand for pastoral and sacramental ministry is continuing to grow, I believe there is a need for deaconds to be ordained."
   - Cath Leader


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