A Colombian nun has been arrested in connection with the murder of another nun, whose burned and mutilated body was found by the side of a road outside the capital, Bogota.
   Sr Leticia Lopez was arrested by agents of the attorney-general's office over the murder of another sister from her congregation, who worked with her in a foundation caring for drug addicts and the elderly in a poor district of the city.
   The dead woman, Sr Luz Amparo Granada, was found last November, her corpse covered in cardboard boxes on the main eastern thoroughfare from Bogota.
   She had been shot in the head, her legs severed and parts of her body badly burned.
   Investigators found cardboard matching that found with the corpse in the house of Sister Leticia. They would not speculate as to the motive for the killing.
   Last August two sisters were patrolling their convent in Tunja, just north of Bogota, when they heard a noise and fired several shots from a 38 Smith and Wesson pistol, killing a male intruder.
   They were cleared of murder as they had a gun licence and were deemed to have acted in self-defence.


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