A 33 year old former priest, Roman Korlinski, is about to launch a glossy weekly titled Fakty i Mity (Facts and Myths), which promises to be 'anti-clerical and full of scandals'.
   When Kotlinski set up Poland's first association for married ex-clergy 16 months ago, he said he intended to be a 'thorn in the side of pope and church'. Today, he admits he's disappointed by the weak public response but is determined to save the church from its 'doctrinal errors' and 'accumulated evils'.
   "The church here still has roots in the Middle Ages -- and if the hierarchy had their way, they'd gladly turn the clock back 500 years," Kotlinski told the National Catholic Reporter.
   Ordained in 1993 in Poland's central Lodz archdiocese, Kotlinski quit the priesthood just a few months later after obtaining no response to his complaints from the local curia.
   "The Polish church is ruled by money, self-obsession, the pursuit of power and property," he told journalists. "This is the first critical voice from the homeland of the pope which seeks to expose this evil and bring about deep reforms. We must find a new understanding of papal infallibility and tidy up the church's senseless, undiscussable dogmas."
   The Catholic Information Agency, KAI, replied that Kotlinski had "betrayed confessional secrets" and been forced to leave the priesthood after fathering a child.
   His claims were branded 'lying and resentful' by the Lodz archdiocese, which said it had 'shown trust' by allowing Kotlinski to be ordained after he was expelled from a seminary in neighboring Wloclawek. "A careful observer will easily see how he paints his own portrait, and that his only motive is a desire to drown his own complexes and make money," the statement added.
   Kotlinski admits he's dissatisfied that his association numbers only 200, and has been too dispersed around Poland to muster more than a single conference. But he's proud that three married ex-priests have joined and is determined to battle on.


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