As further details emerged which suggest a mass murder rather than suicide, Uganda's Catholic bishops have expressed profound grief and firm condemnation at what they describe as the 'loss of such immensity of human life in the infamous Kanungu mass suicide', ten days ago in Uganda.
   The bishops interrupted their annual retreat to issue a statement which called the event "a barbaric act, even if committed in the name of some religion, most regrettable and unacceptable in the Catholic faith and we condemn it in the strongest terms, as such an act deserves."
   Acknowledging the involvement of two former diocesan priests, Dominic Kataribabo and John Kamagara, in the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments sect, the bishops pointed out that 'the majority of our Catholics in the area, Priests Religious and lay people tried to restrain their friends and relatives from following this dubious teaching to the effect that some were won back to the Church while others stood their ground'.
   The statement said: "Many of the victims of this horrific event were innocent adults, youths and children. They were misled by obsessed leaders into an obnoxious form of religiosity completely rejected by the Catholic Church. It is therefore our appeal to all the faithful, even to those groups claiming all classes of visions, to pay heed to the Church authorities and to the authentic teaching of the Church lest they risk going astray in the footsteps of the Kibwetere group".


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