A 78 year old Franciscan Missionary of Mary has died after being brutally stabbed by intruders with alleged religious motives.
   A reliable source of International Christian Concern said that 12 men entered the Lourdes Convent, where Sr Christine lived in a commuity of 10 religious. She was severely beaten with clubs. As a result of the beating, several of her ribs were broken and she suffered other serious injuries before becoming unconscious. She was taken to a hospital where she remained in coma for several days until she died.
   Sister Christine had been serving the poor and distributing medicines to the sick. She was known for her tireless campaign to help the poor and sick children of the area. It was said that her spiritual influence and acts of kindness had a great influence on many people in the area of her activities. She had become very popular among the poor. Her acts of mercy have been likened to Mother Teresa.
   The attackers are believed to have been fanatic Islamists. Sister Christine had been accused of proselytising among Muslims. Pakistan's Islamist hard-liners have a reputation of demonstrating hostile and intolerant acts towards Christians working in Pakistan. They view their humanitarian services with contempt. One Pakistani human rights advocate claims that this heinous crime is a result of 'the religious hatred and religious intolerance that exists in Pakistan today'.
   The police have labeled the killers as 'thieves', claiming the attack was not religiously motivated. However, International Christian Concern argues that 'common thieves don't ban together in groups of 12 to raid an unprotected convent and then single out one nun to beat to death for no apparent reason'. The organisation believes it was a deliberate plot intended to further dissuade Christians from carrying out their activities in Pakistan.
Int. Christian Concern (available soon)


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