Posters plastered throughout an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood of Jerusalem have called Pope John Paul "the evil one" and promised that his pilgrimage to the Holy Land this month would not pass peacefully.
   The posters in the Geula district were signed by "the headquarters for the cancellation of the Pope's visit, cursed be he, in the Holy Land".
   They assailed the alleged desecration of the Jewish sabbath which they said the Pope's plan to celebrate Mass on March 25th, a Saturday, would cause.
   The planned Mass in Nazareth has enraged ultra-Orthodox Jews. They object because it means that many Jewish police will have to work on Saturday, the Jewish day of rest.
   The walls of the Jerusalem office of Israel's chief rabbis were sprayed on Sunday with protests saying "No to meeting the Pope", "No to desecration of the sabbath", and "Blessed be he who uproots idol worship". The slogans, signed by the outlawed ultra-nationalist Jewish Kach group, had been removed by Monday.
   The Pope's visit to the Holy Land later this month is part of his plan to walk in the footsteps of the biblical prophets and Jesus at the start of the third millennium. He visited Mount Sinai, where God is said to have given the Ten Commandments to Moses, last week.
Irish Times

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