Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush met Catholic Charities workers at a social service agency in Ohio yesterday, and said he regretted the delay in denouncing anti-Catholic bias at a South Carolina university where he spoke several weeks ago.
   Bush, speaking at the under-construction Fatima Family Center in Cleveland, said: "My regret is that I didn't speak out against anti-Catholic bias when I had the opportunity to do so. I had the mike." Bush has been criticized by his opponent Arizona Sen. John McCain for speaking at Bob Jones University whose founders have called the Catholic Church a satanic cult.
   Bush also rejected McCain's attempts to frame him as an anti-Catholic through automated phone calls to Catholic voters by referring to the only Catholic US president.
   "It's the kind of politics that John F. Kennedy rejected in the 1960s," Bush said. "It's the kind of politics we thought we put behind us in America."
   McCain, campaigning in Stockton, California, insisted that Bush's speech at Bob Jones University "is a fair issue for me to raise."
CWN 1/3/00

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