One of America's best known Catholic theologians has said he will not seek the mandate to teach that soon may be applied to professors on Catholic theological faculties in country.
   Fr Richard P. McBrien, former theology department chairman at the University of Notre Dame and a nationally known author and media commentator on Catholic issues, said in the latest issue of America magazine, "I do not intend to seek a mandate. ... For me it is a matter of principle."
   McBrien drew instant criticism from some circles within the Church. President of the world's largest prolife organisation Human Life International, Fr Richard Welch CSsR, described the theologian's stand as 'a call to apostasy'.
   He explained: "This is a typical dissenter's tactic: ignore Church law. In this way, the dissenters hope to bring pressure on Church leaders who will then not enforce it. It is a call to apostasy," explained Welch.
   Meanwhile liberal moral theologian Fr Richard McCormick SJ, 77, died of respiratory illness. A specialist in medical ethics since the 1960s, McCormick was one of the key figures in scores of far-reaching ethical debates over new medical technology, especially in the genetic, reproductive and end-of-life areas.
CNS/PRI 16/2/00

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