At a memorial service for people who disappeared during the Northern Ireland Troubles, the primate of Armagh's St Patrick's Cathedral, Archbishop Sean Brady, has urged people not to give up on the peace process.
   Archbishop Brady said he believed the conditions and goodwill still existed to deliver a lasting peace, despite the political impasse over paramilitary decommissioning.
   "The progress made should not be lost sight of and due credit should be given to people who have moved on all sides and especially to the people who did so much hard work to achieve that progress.
   "We must build on the movement and the commitment to address the decommissioning issue once and for all and to address it in such a way that it will lead to the end desired, the end of the physical force tradition in this country," he said.
   The former first and deputy first ministers of Northern Ireland's suspended assembly, David Trimble and Seamus Mallon, also attended the service, along with local politicians and representatives from the British and Irish governments.
   The service was organised by the relatives' support group, Women Against Violence Empowered, or WAVE.
BBC 15/2/00

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