The Holy See's Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano has left it to Austrian Catholics to comment on the morality of their new ruling coalition, the includes the xenophobic Freedom party.
   "The Holy See does not have a tradition of making snap judgments about people, nor about programs. After we know a government's programs, we can make a judgment," Sodano told journalists.
   He said: "If there is something that goes against Christian morality" in the programs of the newly-forming Austrian government, "the first people that will have to speak out are Austrian Catholics. After that, the Bishops of this noble and great nation will speaks, and only then, the Holy See."
   Meanwhile the Church in Austria is organising a campaign of prayer for the country. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna celebrated Mass in the Cathedral of St. Stephen to pray for his country, which is "in the heart of Europe."
   Last week, Cardinal Schönborn stated, "The Bishops won't get involved in the formation of the government. Instead they will carefully examine the government's program and its political action."
   Zenit (available soon) 7/2/00

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