Relics of St Therese of Lisieux made a dramatic visit to death row in Muntinlupa, Philippines on Monday.
    The visit was the brainchild of Bishop Ramon ArgŁelles, chairman of the National Jubilee Committee. 33 men sentenced to death for crimes ranging from murder to drug trafficking took part in the event.
    A small aircraft circled over the maximum security compound of the penitentiary showering rose petals over the inmates, many of whom were puzzled by the event. A few minutes later, one of the main gates of the compound opened and a white truck carrying the Saint's relics entered, accompanied by Bishop ArgŁelles, Auxiliary Bishop Jesse Mercado of Manila, and dozens of St Therese's devotees.
    The relics were taken to the chapel, where the Bishops and four priests concelebrated Mass. During the homily, Bishop ArgŁelles, the Philippine Military Ordinary, referred to the time St. Therese of the Child Jesus prayed for the conversion of a death-row convict and her prayers were answered.
    Zenit (available soon) 1:30am 3/2/00

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