Pilgrims from villages and towns around Rangoon have said that some of their ailments have disappeared miraculously after praying before the 22 day visit from Portugal of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
    The statue, which last toured Burma 50 years ago, is seen by local Catholics as a symbol of thanksgiving for their deliverance from the perceived threat of communist rule.
    A large crowd gathered inside the cathedral for the conclusion to the visit. A taxi driver, a Baptist, told UCA News that his chronic chest pain miraculously disappeared after he requested a sip of water from the bottle a passenger had placed at the feet of the statue. He also said he was surprised to see Muslims and Buddhists participating in devotion before the statue.
    An elderly nun said she ceaselessly prayed to the Blessed Mother for priests and bishops so that they may lead Catholics with their exemplary lives.
UCAN 12:39am 1/2/00

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