A priest from Wagga Wagga in NSW has expressed concern with the apparent rise in yoga, witchcraft, reading horoscopes and wearing good luck charms..
   Fr Luke Joseph, 36, told AAP: "There's a shop here in Wagga alone that has 10 shelves to astrology and witchcraft... For whatever the reason the level of interest in witchcraft is on the rise ... it's in the shops and on television. All this is contrary to Christian beliefs and the church clearly condemns it because it can open the door to evil."
   He said all he had ever read about yoga involved a spiritual doctrine which was clearly not a Christian one. He said that aromatherapy also had a spiritual element that was contrary to Christianity.
   "I don't know what religion is it but it's not just breathing exercises like people would say," Fr Joseph said.
   Backing Fr Joseph's stance, the local bishop, Most Rev William Brennan, told ABC Radio: "I understand there are groups of witches operating around the place... And you'll find the number of books on witchcraft in bookshops these days is quite extraordinary."
AAP 27/2/00

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