The Holy Father has called for religious tolerance as he celebrated the first mass of his unprecedented visit to Egypt.
   Some 20,000 worshippers - including some Muslims - attended the service in a Cairo Sports Hall.
   Pope John Paul II called for dialogue and respect among the faiths.
   "It will promote respect for sensitivities of each community, as well as for their specific way of expressing faith in Christ and celebrating the sacraments," he said.
   22 people died in violence between Christians and Muslims in Egypt last month.
   A large screen in the enclosed stadium displayed the words: "John Paul II, we love you," as the visibly shaky 79-year-old Pontiff struggled with his homily.
   Extending his sermon beyond Egypt, the Pope expressed his grief about the outbreak of Christian-Muslim violence in the Nigerian city of Kaduna, where more than 200 people are now believed to have been killed.
BBC 27/2/00

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