Glasgow University yesterday defended itself against claims that it is advertising an educational trust which bans applications from Catholics.
    The rules of the Mile End Trust -- which was set up by Victorian philanthropist John Clark -- specify that only Protestants can benefit. A university spokesman said that while they did not approve of the discriminatory rules, it would be wrong not to advertise it along with other funding bodies.
    The university's Church of Scotland chaplain, Fiona Mathieson, said she is sometimes asked to be a referee for students applying for grants from the trust and admitted it places her in an awkward situation.
    "It must be stressed that this a personal trust and not a church trust," she told the BBC. "Ultimately, anyone can set up a trust and place very specific requirements on it. However, this is a product of the 1800s, and although I cannot say that sectarianism is no longer around in Scotland, this is a very different climate."
CWN 12:38am 1/2/00

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